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Early Career Researcher virtual workshops:

These are open to Master’s and PhD students, Post Docs and Research Assistant who are members of SRIP. These workshops are free to SRIP members.

27th January 2021 – 9-11am (London time)

Emotional Wellbeing as a Researcher

A session focused on looking after our own mental health and wellbeing as researchers. Looking at factors such as: imposter syndrome, how to cope when researching an emotive topic, where to get support, and how to enjoy a PhD not merely survive it! The session will also include time to network with fellow early career researchers.

This workshop is free to SRIP members ( and you can book your place by emailing 

April 2021 – date and time to be confirmed. 

Writing and Publishing

This session is planned to look at a variety of issues including how to write with others, authorship, choosing the right journal for publication, and planning your writing. The session will also include time to network with fellow early career researchers.

July 2021 – date and time to be confirmed. 

Career Progression

This session will explore potential academic and non-academic career pathways. We will also be inviting members of the group to present a summary of their research journey in 3 minutes.

8 September 2021 – 10am (London Time)

41st SRIP Conference Early Career Research Workshop

Details of this pre-conference workshop are to be confirmed. If you have any suggestions about a topic or content for this event, please contact Amy Delicate (

SRIP Annual Conference 2020

University of Chester

8th – 9th September 2020 – Cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic

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