SRIP Annual Conference 2020

University of Chester

8th – 9th September 2020 – Cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic

Previous events
SRIP Annual Conference 2019

City, University of London

5th – 6th September 2019

SRIP Annual Conference 2018

University of Lodz, Poland

11th – 12th September 2018

SRIP Annual Conference 2017

Principal Hotel, York

12th – 13th September 2017

SRIP Annual Conference 2016

Hinsley Hall, Leeds

13th – 14th September 2016

SRIP Annual Conference 2015

The East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham

14th – 15th September 2015

Membership Enquiries

Dr Judi Walsh
School of Psychology
0.04 Lawrence Stenhouse Building
University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7TJ United Kingdom

General Enquiries

Dr Franziska Wadephul
Research Assistant
School of Health & Social Work
University of Hull
Hull, HU6 7RX